Video Production in Houston, Texas

Go Local Video is a locally owned company based in Houston Texas. Go Local Video’s vision is to provide a unique tool that elevates your brand, solidifies your message, widens your social media reach and sets you apart from your competitors.
We are 100% committed to our customers’ success.

Houston’s own Go local Video CEO Josh Leamons had a vision to be different that any other video production company. He evaluated the model and realized that every company and every industry needed different types of video and video marketing to reach their overall marketing goals. The obvious premise is to build a video marketing program that generates leads and converts more business. But, the subplot is far more complex.

Video Marketing in Houston Texas is not the easiest. There are some major factors that Go Local Video identifies and understands are must have elements in any video marketing strategy.
What is the message? Is the message specific enough for the potential customer to get
How much does effective video production cost? Does the budget have the potential to be a winning business decision based on the cost of the lead and the revenue generated?
Extra Value? Does your video production company offer you a way to use the video, to get the most bang for your buck and will they partner with you to pave the way for your future.
These are the Key measurables that Go Local Video excels in providing it’s customer base.

So, if you are looking to discover what you need for Video Production in Houston, Texas let us know and we will sit down with you and provide a 100% no obligation review of your overall marketing strategy. Furthermore, we will help you complement it with an effective and affordable video production, online marketing, and web design strategy!

How do i get customers to come in?

Typically our customers have relationships with a handful of clients who are happy to help, the simply call them and ask them to come in and it happens. In many cases the business will provide some fruits or desserts, even lunch boxes. You provide a gift that you are comfortable giving. It is a classy touch, and if you are wanting the image of customer service to be part of your marketing strategy, then you already thought about this!

Do they need a script?

No we are experts in getting candid answers and then making them look great.

Do they need to be hired actors?

No, people believe real authentic testimonials, not perfect, script reading actors.

Will I own the edited videos?


Can I put my video on social sites?

Yes of course you own the videos, websites are begging for good video content! We recommend Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube?

How long does set up take on shoot day?

1 hour.

Do you bring lighting equipment?



We are ready to amaze you and your clients with an amazing video that will tell your organization’s story. There are many packages available, please feel free to call (832) 843-7936 or send us a quick message here.

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